The World Travel Team goes to Mount Everest Base Camp.

We stayed a few days in Katmandu before we decide to trek to the Base Camp of Mount Everest. There are many Offices who can organize the whole thing, bud we want to go on our own without Guide without Djerpas.
We found a really good company who organize for us the Flight to Lukla. The Maharajgunj,Kathmandu,(Nepal) was the Cheapest in Town after checking many others.
So we flight from Katmandu with Sita-Air to Lukla. From there we Start our Journey to the E.B.C. The trekking Tour was incredible. The Nature and the Weather was very good for this time. because of the low season it haves no tourists and we had the possibility to watch many animals.
On this Trek you dont need to carry anything, everything is aviable on the way to the biggest mountain of the World. Lodges, Restaurants, Shops are everywhere, so you don`t have to carrie too much, what we make wrong. We Take food, Sleeping Bag, Tent, Cooker and many things too much, so we carried 20Kg Back-bags.
After our Trip we can not leave from lukla, because the Weather was too Bad, that the planes don`t can Land here. We Stay one day more in Lukla, after we fly back without changing the booking of our flight and landing safely in The Capital of Nepal.
We would go again to Chituwan National Park to watch some Rhinos and would stay in a Lodge for having a nice Time in Nepal before we leave to India.
Thank you Shyam Kadel for organizing all the things World Travel Team would recommend your Company.

(Watch the Fotos for more impressions)

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