Reach the end

Not the End of Indonesia bud the first part of it. We Crossed Sumatra and are now in the last part of it. Tonight we meet again our friend Gilles wich travels around with a motorbike and stay in a cheap Gesthouse in Bandar Lampung.
Tomorrow we will ship our Car to Java. The next also very big Island waiting for us.
We will descide if we ship first to Sulawesi or Cross Java with the Car, because we have some small problems with our Landrover. The Ignition timing makes some problem wich we can not Solve. hrrrrr always the electronics 🙂
Bud we meet some nice guys from the Landrover Club and hope they can help us.
Our Journey in Sumatra is now longer than planed, bud it ist really nice and Cheap, so we can take the time witch is needed.

let`s see what the next time brings…

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  1. fiTri


    i’m amaze with what u guys do~

    hebat!! *indonesian for :great!* (^_^)

  2. Lambang

    The Great adventures.. don’t forget to visit and see krakatau the active mountain on sunda straits and also the ujung kulon national park… 🙂

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