New Photos on Air

On our trip without the car to Sulawesi we take a plane for saving the short time.
We had to go back on the end of month for the
So we have a short time to explore Sulawesi.
After a long crazy bus drive in the night we reach to Rantepao. there we had the chance to go to a traditional funeral in a small village. It was very impressing as you can see on our pictures.
It happens that the family kills about 200 buffalos for give them to the death person.
The souls of the animals would help the death person to have a good live in the world after.
The death animals they cut and distribute to some family members and friends. For the richer persons they give more, because if they have a funeral, they have to give the same back.
It was for us interesting to see this old tradition. have a look too the photos…
after this we speed up to Bunaken Islands where we would stay some days to relax and dive. the first day under water was very nice, see some sharks, lobster, turtles, and hundreds of different fishes and corals…

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  1. dipto

    nice journey…
    come and visit jogja again
    there are many good place to visit
    mountain, beach, cave also culture
    write your story about bromo and kawah ijen if you go there on your trip to malang

    good luck sam and phil

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