Back in Nevada

No it`s not about the funny Las Vegas because we turn back to las Vegas after arizona. We just visited the Grand Canyon and now we have to drive trough vegas again to reach the death valley and sequoia national park.  We run up to the Grand canyon where we spend three days. On the first day when we arrived we catch up with the bad weather and drive directly into a incredible snow storm. To see in the desert snow was fur us a spectacular moment, somehow unreal. But very very could so we went directly into our warm sleeping bags. First night it was very could we had about minus 7 degrees Celsius in our rooftent, the walls or the tent where white and we nearly get frozen.

all in all we had a long night so we were ready to go in the next morning. up for a long track trough the platform in the grand canyon. The Bright Angle Track takes us about 7 hours of walking. The weather was not too god but it was very impressive to see this natural wonder in Arizona.
On the next day there was better weather so we enjoy our view around the grand canyon from different spots. The streets bringed us back to the Hoover dam and finally back to Las Vegas. From here we will continue soon to Death Valley…


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  1. Frank

    I was wondering what your rover was all about.. I live across the street from where it is parked and saw the website on the trailer… Very interesting…

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