Having a bath in the hot springs of steamboat

Steamboat Hot Springs is unique among spas, offering the world travel team a chance to experience the positive effects of natural volcanic healing waters. The geothermal waters at Steamboat Hot Springs include some extremely rare minerals that are found nowhere else in the United States.

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  1. Rita Glover

    We love the picture you took of Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center & Spa!

    We are always happy to give guided tours to visitors and tell people about the legacy we have with the silver mining bonanza in nearby Virginia City in the 1860s. Its famous newspaperman and novelist, Mark Twain, gave Steamboat its name. Europeans seem to have a cultural appreciation of the healing effects of natural geothermal waters, and we are proud to say that Steamboat is one of the premier destinations for this in North America.

    We invite you to visit Steamboat Hot Springs in Reno, Nevada for a relaxing experience at our therapeutic spa.

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