The Days getting Longer

As some of you saw on our page, we still heading north. Crossed one of the nicest roads in very bad weather from Banff to Jasper we had finaly a good time 200km north of this tourist town.
After The Raft where the Owner invite us for it we spend one more night in Jasper and visit the local hot springs with his 4 pools one was 10 the other 20 the third 30 the fourth 40 degrees so we could heat our bodies up from the could river water. Explore the pictures online. the Jasper national park and the rocky mountains are just beautiful, it`s the place to be for nature friends. We had a lot wildlife contacts, saw bears, Dears, Mountain Goats, Wolfes and one fox and everything wild. Not everything could be fotographed for you. The last day we spend fishing on a small lake and catch up some trout fish and enjoyed them on a nice barbecue. The Days start to getting longer and we can feel this. The sunrise is 4:39 and the sunset 21:42 it feels like you have two days in one.
Today we arrive at Prince George, where Gabriela have to leave us again. thank you for everything and have a good flight back to switzerland

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  1. Emma

    Was trying to get your attention while you were parked infront of our window.. Welcome to Prince George!!!!This beautifull day of June 14th… Sorry to hear about the weather in Banff. Would like to buy you a beer , coffeee, tea????? If you are hanging around , meet some of the locals.. Cheers
    Het alle besta!!!

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