Over Belize to Guatemala

After four Days in Belize we continued our trip to guatemala. The border to Belize was easy to handle. Only all Vegetables we had to give away. poor onions. Belize was a total unexpected country, because of the language and the People we where double suprised.
Everything is english, we knew that the English where there, but we not expected that everyone speaks english and not that the mother language is english.
Because of the Many slaves the Pirates bring over from Africa, the most people are black as the night. With The funny Rasta Faria Slang they speak it was funny to hear, but hard to understand this slave-slang-language.
We had a good time there little bit short but belize is a small country so we see pretty much.
The next border crossing to guatemala was eazy too, the people helped us to manage the paperwork quickly. Today we been to the beautiful Tikal and visited the Mayan Temples. It was very nice to see its a special place one of the nicest ruins we found in Central america.
Fotos will follow, my computer is broken at the time, need to get some work on it done bevore i post the fotos… But they will follow Soon

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