Wish all our followers a merry Christmas

To all our Family, to all our friends to all our new friends we found on our 3 years trip, to all who read this we wish you a merry christmas.
We are still on the Carribean Island Roatan in Honduras and spend the Christmas on the beach.
With nice turquise colour of the water hot sunny clear blue sky and anything else wich reminds on christmas but we are thinking about all of you and spend the day with a nice dinner.
Our travels will continue soon, now we still enjoy the time with diving with our Dingi boat and exploring unknown divesites…
Merry X-Mas Samuel and Philippe

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  1. Maureen Bell

    Hello Samuel and Phillippe,
    Just want to say Happy New Year to both of you and let you know I check up on you guys occasionally and really enjoy seeing what you’re up to. My sister and I met you at Tuwanek, BC, on the beach when you were getting ready for a dive. I bet you have seen many more gorgeous places since you left BC. We really enjoyed seeing your interview from the TV station about your diving experiences in BC. All the best in the 2011!

  2. Emma

    Happy to read that you are doing fine, I remember your meeting in Prince Geoge Canada with fondness , we had a drink in the Legion , you were on your way to Alaska!!!! Happy New Year to you both… Emma

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