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The World Travel Team is now in Jakarta

Saturday, 28. March 2009

We are on the deep indonesia exibition for the whole weekend. Together with boogie we promote the their new diving boat and show the local people what we are doing. If you stay Around Jakarta come and meet us… We stay in the entrance area so you can visit us without pay the entrance fee. […]

Explore Bunaken islands on the north sumatra.

Thursday, 19. March 2009

We are now since today morning in Bunaken, a beautifull island and the place to for diving in Sulawesi. Today we went diving and snorkeling here and see a lot of different fish… The underwater world here is really famous and the goverment takes care about. So many nice places in indonesia, hopefully the time […]

New Photos on Air

Wednesday, 18. March 2009

On our trip without the car to Sulawesi we take a plane for saving the short time. We had to go back on the end of month for the So we have a short time to explore Sulawesi. After a long crazy bus drive in the night we reach to Rantepao. there we had […]

World travel team goes boogie

Tuesday, 10. March 2009

The second day on Java arriving very busy.
Today a was a big day for us, because we join some nice local people and the owner of boogie.
He will join us all over the world with his Sponsorship of a heavy duty boogie Palung boat wich makes us possible to go where the car can not.
With the support of boogie it is also possible to explore the nice Lakes, rivers, the sea and small islands where no body can go.
Our Trip would grow with this possibility.
Also we would join the deep sea indonesia it is a big Convention of diving and X-treme sports where we support boogie.
A new friendship starts with

Next we have to do a interview with the indonesian Television and will bring you many and many of news. After cleaning the Car, the work can begin.
stay tuned…

Reach the end

Sunday, 8. March 2009

Not the End of Indonesia bud the first part of it. We Crossed Sumatra and are now in the last part of it. Tonight we meet again our friend Gilles wich travels around with a motorbike and stay in a cheap Gesthouse in Bandar Lampung. Tomorrow we will ship our Car to Java. The next […]

Down to the South

Friday, 6. March 2009

English down below… So liebe freunde ab jetzt werden wir mal versuchen das ganze ein wenig auf Englisch weiterzurühren, da wir doch schon einige anfragen hatten ausserdem können ja in der schweiz alle englisch 🙂 On the Way thru Sumatra we crossed many and many bad streets nothing with fast driving on the main axis. […]

Äquator überquert

Monday, 2. March 2009

Gestern zeitge unser GPS Endlich die lang erwarteten 0°000`000 an. Der Äquator wurde erreicht und Erflolgreich überfahren. Keine Angst er lebt noch 🙂 Jetzt sind wir also auf der Anderen Seite des Erdballs. Der Richtige Süden hat uns. Es geht langsam aber sicher voran in Richtung Australien. Unsere Reiseplahnung haben wir zwar wiedermal Western union […]

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