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25.04.09 Sumbawa sape city

Saturday, 25. April 2009

On the hurry to direction Timor where we wanna ship to australia we are crossing island to island and missing many nice places where we couldn`t stay. The time is short and we only invest the few days for diving on some world famous spot`s…
With our new tailored Wetsuits from Nemo in Bali we not have to get could in the water.
The good quality of them confirmed of some daily divers give us the garantee that they will hold for the whole trip and if we not grow anymore for lifetime.
Dream Divers of Lombok support our Adventure with some free dives and Philippe use the time to make his Open Water license from Gili Trawangan.
Now we are near to the number one spot of Indonesia Comodo islands would be the best to see some big fish. Manta Ray, Hammerhead and and and waiting under water for us.
As we travel now with some Belgian over-landers we wanna go together under water.
Now we have to wait for the fully booked ferry bud we tell you soon which is the best company to explore the underwater nature of comodo…

Bali 10.04.09

Friday, 10. April 2009

Last days the world travel team had a busy time. Together with the project “Save the Trees and keep the Water clean” we travel trough Java and had some conferences in universities about the project and our travel around the world. For the students and other people was very interessted and some good questions came […]

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