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Sunday, 31. May 2009

You may found some new pics online… In the Album independence Timor Leste you also find some pictures from sams birthdayparty in Timor Leste. We was lucky and can stay some days in a flat from jenny (thanx for this it was big fun with you guys). Here we had a small birthdayparty for sam`s […]

Darwin Northern Territory back on the track

Friday, 29. May 2009

The Hard and long work for the australian Quarantine gets pay off. We were really afraid for the bad experience of other travelers and think it would not be possible to do it how they want. But at least the people from the Quarantine was very happy with our job we do and they see […]

Preparing for Australia

Thursday, 21. May 2009

Last few days we was busy to prepare for Australia. They have very hard Quarantine rules to import a Car, that`s why we spend about one Week to clean our Car by self. We rent some machines and space in the Diamond Workshop (good fascilities) and clean by our self, because we know how it […]

Crazy Dili East Timor

Tuesday, 12. May 2009

We are now together with the belgium guys in Timor Timor how the local say. The Crazy Capitol of East Timor, with more foreigners than Locals, thats why the Prices to live here are nearly the same than in switzerland, for 3 potatos you pay 1.50Dollar and Two Onions about 1 Dollar. Everything is high […]

Ost Timor 08.05.09 Dili UN-City

Friday, 8. May 2009

Yesterday we arrive In Dili the Capital of East Timor. We was wondering what all the new white Cars are doing here, because on the way we saw a lot of small villages where the people living in Palm and Bamboo houses. Bud Timor Leste have a lot of mineral resources it contains one of […]

Diving in Labuhan bajo, driving to Ende

Sunday, 3. May 2009

Island jumping we practice to reach Timor for the container shipping from Dilli to Darwin. With a young Belgium couple and their Madza we have to be on time in Dilli to do our biggest work for enter a new Country since beginning. The Australians have some crazy rules that you have to clean your […]

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