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Diving in Coral Bay 27.06.09

Saturday, 27. June 2009

Many people tell us about Coral bay before we came there we hear a lot of good stories. About the short time we have to hurry down to Perth, we not expect to stop here bud about all the stories we hear we think it’s a mess to drive through without stop. So let’s check […]

Lucky and unlucky Exmouth 26.06.09

Friday, 26. June 2009

This morning starts very bad for us. Leaving the nice Cape Range Nationalpark and the friendly guys from the beautiful Lakeside Campground early in the morning, for diving with Ningaloo Reef Dreaming in the famous navy pier. Start to drive on 6 o clock the sun was starting to show up and with the daylight […]


Friday, 19. June 2009

Sony support us for the comming year with a new camera. Sony Overseas SA Switzerland send us A Alpha-700 D-SLR with two lenses: 16-105mm and a big 70-300mm. With this high quality Camera equipment the pictures can be mixt up with the HDTV Camera material and we can make more professional pictures for profesional use. […]

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