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Oil of Switzerland in Australia

Monday, 24. August 2009

Today we get a delivery of Motorex Switzerland to continue our Trip with high quality Lubricants. We get high performance Engine Oil Select SPX 10W40, Gearboxoil Prisma ZX 75W/90, Brake Fluids DOT4 and Antifreeze Protect G48 for the upcoming Countries like Alaska and Canada. Motorex send us the delivery to australias Motorex experts SG Products in […]

13.08.09 Dive in South West Rock

Thursday, 13. August 2009

Today we went under Water to explore a mostly unknown part of the East coast in Australia. With the professional Fish Rock Divers we had the chance to look for two dives in this 18 degree Water. The aluminum Catamaran brings us very fast out to the few kilometer remote dive-side. So we overtake the […]

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