Rest in Melbourne.

As the most of you know we stay in Melbounre for the next time. Get a Rest of the hard travelling life and reorganise our trip and plans for the future.
A new friend from Austria gave us the possibility to stay in a small Office-Container where we can rest and wait for good weather to travel to Alaska.
We get more and more into the Australian way of living and get used to the in first sight strange lifestyle of those people here.
All in all it`s similar to us in Europe Work weekend work weekend work and and and.
But if you look closer there are some massive differences between us and the Ozzies.
Bevore we get something new we safe the money for it and sometimes it`s a long way until there, the people here like to spend their money and not wanna wait until they have enough to get something. So they get it by credit card.
Spending is a must in here, we also see this on the weekend and freetime planings of the Australians.
If they not Pimp their V8 Sportscar they are Cruising with a fast boat Jetsky over the water or Fly with a small plain or helicopter through the sky.
Many people do expensive hobbies here and the most things are on credit.
That is what we see and we feel in Australia. Why should you safe some money when you first can get a thing and pay after?!?
Is the Europe way of living also change to this? Sooner or later it will.
We will see what future brings…

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