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New story in the Swiss Newspaper ANZEIGER

Monday, 23. November 2009

anzeiger-news 2

New Video out now

Sunday, 15. November 2009

Check it out you will find a new video right now. Samuel cut the world travel team`s latest adventure. Check it out and get excited of the nice sea visitors and see what our harts make pump faster for about one hour.
We went out with our boogie Boat just near from our place and saw this nice sea creatures playing around in the sea.

Part 1 Mordialloc Dolphin

Part 2 Mordialloc Dolphin


Monday, 2. November 2009

On the 05.11.09 we are invited of the biggest offroad Club in Australia. At 8 o clock we have a 20 minute presentation about our Trip Around the half world and Australia. We will give our best to pack more than 22 month`s of travel in a short presentation like this. Let`s join the WORLD […]

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