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Friday, 19. March 2010



Thursday, 18. March 2010

Danke für den Herzlichen empfang gestern am Flugahfen Zürich und auch im Walhalla mit gutem Schützengarten Bier:-)

World Travel Team temporary back Home

Friday, 12. March 2010

The World Travel Team will be back in Zuerich on Mecktig (mittwoch) 17.3.2010 at 0900 am.

The World Travel Team has left Australia…

Sunday, 7. March 2010

Time keeps on running and we had a good one. The Car is on the Boat and we are already in Kuala Lumpur and waiting on our next flight Bangkok. After a short holiday in one of our favorite countries we will continue to switzerland to visit all our family, friends and fans. At the 18th of march we would be back in our Home country. Thanks to all the nice ozzys we meet thanks to the country we could explore and thanks for the experiance of the australian way of life. Special thanks to Deborah, the Custom manufacture team, Connie, Spicer family, John, Isabella, Rafael, Andrea, Michael, Ernie, Ernst, Rohan, Tim, Nubs, Peter, Bob, Angus, AJ and all we forget to list… So many new friends we have to left behind, but will stay in contact. The World Travel Team say to all of you thank you for the great time in your huge country.


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