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Sunday, 30. May 2010

29 Mai 10

28 Mai 10

27 Mai 10

World Travel Team goes prototype

Friday, 28. May 2010

The World Travel Team get a pair of Scott Shoes wich are not yet on the market. We will get them a hard time and walk on every ground wich can be found on this big world.

thanx guys

Panorama site Under Construction

Thursday, 27. May 2010

Pictures for panoramas Coming soon…

Up to Portland

Thursday, 27. May 2010

Long time we had no chance to post some news in here. It`s kind of hard to find a wifi Spot in the states. there is no possibility to use Internet with a prepaid phone so we only can post some things from a wifi spot in big towns… (Read More)


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26 Mai 2010

Having a bath in the hot springs of steamboat

Monday, 24. May 2010

Steamboat Hot Springs is unique among spas, offering the world travel team a chance to experience the positive effects of natural volcanic healing waters. The geothermal waters at Steamboat Hot Springs include some extremely rare minerals that are found nowhere else in the United States.

– visit their website click here –


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Monday, 17. May 2010

26 Mai 2010

25 Mai 2010

24 Mai 2010

22 Mai 2010

21 Mai 2010

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19 Mai 2010

18 Mai 2010

17 Mai 2010








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Thursday, 13. May 2010

9. Mai 2010

8. Mai 2010

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Monday, 10. May 2010

Vegas 5 May 2010

Death Vally 6 May 2010

Death Vally 7 May 2010

Back in Nevada

Sunday, 2. May 2010

No it`s not about the funny Las Vegas because we turn back after arizona. We just visited the Grand Canyon and now we have to drive trough vegas again to reach the death valley and sequoia national park.


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