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Friday, 30. July 2010

Not the streets are a obstacle to stop, the fire is… It s burning here near watson lake so the cassier hwy from junction 37 is closed open end untill they are organized and get the fire under control, so we stuck in here for hopefully not toooo long. The Top of the world Highway […]

100`000km on the Truck and Back to civilisation

Wednesday, 28. July 2010

For the guys who don`t know what`s the best car. ITS NEVER OVER IT`S A LANDROVER. 100000km on our Trip around the world and 354124Km on the clock of the car. Long time since our last post. We not get lost in the no man`s land… We made a timeout in our hurry around the […]


Wednesday, 21. July 2010

No we are not eaten from the grizzly bears while go for the salmon. We are still on our nice spot here near dalton post. It`s so nice up here so we build a oven and a smokebox to smoke some of the catched salmon bake some bread and make some pizza. We will stay […]

Go for Salmon

Friday, 16. July 2010

The World Travel Team and Gallus are try do make their own smoked Salmon here in the Yukon in Canada. That will end up in a lot of work and fun see the result 8 days later on on auer Page.


Sunday, 11. July 2010

666 Kilometer for the Dalton Highway up to Prudhoe Bay. Where the world travel team reachest the northest point ever. On our way up we didn`t catch up with the good weather but had a very good time, every day was different and one highlight after the next gave us a good time for this […]

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