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Auf ein Sprung in Acapulco

Tuesday, 26. October 2010

We spend the weekend in Acapulco enjoyed the nightlife and the beach of this crazy city. The tourist area is full of people who wanna sell you something and the rest of the city is pretty dirty and full of smog, but somehow it have his nice side`s. today we wanna reach Pto. Escondido let`s […]

A day full of action

Wednesday, 13. October 2010

That was our activity for yesterday. Fernando took us out on the ocean and
we went scuba diving el faralljon. the beatuiful spot far out in the ocean is
famous for the different animals living here.
The first few seconds under water and the first shark were circling around us,
Sea lions barracuda, many coloured fishes and lobster`s
where some of the animals we saw.
It was a lot of fun with the tres amigos en el barco.
On the way back we catched big fish and when we arrived late in the night
we where so tired and just fell into sleep on the way back.
We found some new friends in mexico thank you very much to take
us around and show us your nice place.



Country nr 33 Mexico 07.10.2010 Los Mochis

Thursday, 7. October 2010

We arrived and survived the boarder crossing to Mexico. As some americans told we should be death allready 🙂 But it is not that bad! We are allready in Los mochis and find new friends down here who take care of our car while we travel with the train to barranca del cobre. Mexico is […]

Mixed up in the waves

Saturday, 2. October 2010

We are “still” in san diego and stay with a friend, he introduced us to the coolest sport in the world. The world travel team learns how to surf those days. Today we will try to catch the first wave and ride the first few meters. The First try`s where not bad, as some surfer`s […]

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