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Friday, 26. November 2010

Back on the mainland from Cozumel where we made new friends and had a great time.

Hassle around to find a competent diving shop who take us under water for a few tanks, We found Deep Blue wich is also recomendet in different travelling books. The service is awsome and the crew from the office to the boat all full of knowledge and expiriance, it was a safe diving and a wonderful time with them. Special Thanks to Debora of Deep Blue who takes us diving with their excellent crew. We had a awsome dive with you we never will forget.

Further on we meet a guy with a landrover. It is normal that the landrovers attract each other but still on a small island like this we found a proud Landrover Driver named Mattew. He invited us for a few beers and gave us a place to stay and rest… Thank you Mattew for the sleep in your School, We had a good time on your spot and i hope a mechanic can fix your problem with the lights because i had no more time for that. At least the horns are working again. hahaha have fun buddy

Continued we meet a same young guy who lives on the island leaved Canada to have a better life in Mexico. We can understand that and would not made it different. With David We spend some time together made endless partys and jumped in the water with his diveshop. Thank you very much for the nice experiance, samuel is still remembering the brakefast you sponsored us. hahaha And to have a Dive in Devils throught was just awsome, if we missed that we would miss some of the best diving on this island.

Thank you David to Take us out with our small dingi, i hope you enjoyed the introducting dive with Sam.




Tuesday, 23. November 2010

Thanks for all the suport on Cozumel! more soon…



Arriving half in Cozumel

Friday, 19. November 2010

We made it on the biggest island on the Caribbean side of mexico. Only the Car without the trailer, we shipped with a ferry on Cozumel and spend now some days here with exploring the island over and under water. We are searching a competent diving center who take us under water and show us the national park from his best side.
stay tuned for more infos with under water pictures.

Huevoa Rancheros

Wednesday, 3. November 2010

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