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Diving Around Roatan Island Honduras

Thursday, 30. December 2010

Its a few days ago but we wanna tell you about our perfect time on Roatan Island.


We spend almost more time under water next to Roatan then on the island itself. This beautiful spot is the place to be for Diving for everyone, no currents easy dives shallow or deep, Wreck`s Caves, and much life to see under water. We been watched by big Groopers, hunted from Baracudas, Moreals checked us out and a lot of Crab`s and Lobster showed us their colourful Shell
Lucky we found on the Island one of the best dive Centers who took us out for a few dives in the paradise. The Mayan Divers 5 Star Rated PADI Resort showed us on a Competent level all the best spot`s from the West end of the Island. We feel save and saw that the Shop is organised, the equipment Well maintained and the staff friendly and helpful. With them i spot a extreme rare and hard to see animal which is called Goatie Blenny. It was hard to spot and the normally very shy Fish let us time to check him out.
dsc034732 After that nice experience we get our Boogie Boat in the Calm see on the south side of the Island and check the under water world out from our self. We found excellent divings and could leave our small Dingi on the buoys, the only problem was to refill the bottles but after running around we could refill them on a Resort. We meet a friendly guy up north who let us stay on his land, so we had near to our Basecamp a Pier for Fishing and easy access to our Boat. The Christmas eve we spend with a nice Dinner and enjoyed the quietness of the island.
dsc03483 Back To the Northside We meet up with Subway, no not the sandwich shop, Subway Water Sports who took us out for one of the islands most misterious dives. The Cave System of Dolphin Den was on the programm and we been lucky to join on the 25th for a special dive. There are many storries about this place we still don`t know what is the real one, but fact is that dolphins are passing away in the Cave system, so we saw a few Bones around not shure but it looked like a Cementary for underwater Creatures, we Saw also a few death Crabs and one Lobster. Outside of the Cave we saw two big line arrow Crab it looked like they where on the way to the cavern system for the last journey…
This was a very special dive for us, not only because of the Caves more about the special atmosphere who was to feel there.

We wanna thank you all to show us around and will never forget those dives.


Wish all our followers a merry Christmas

Friday, 24. December 2010

To all our Family, to all our friends to all our new friends we found on our 3 years trip, to all who read this we wish you a merry christmas. We are still on the Carribean Island Roatan in Honduras and spend the Christmas on the beach. With nice turquise colour of the water […]

Arrive on the beautiful island Roatan in Honduras

Thursday, 16. December 2010

After two days of waiting to catch good weather for the ferryboat who brings our Landrover to a other carribean Island, we where hearty welcomed by the Mayan Princess Resort to stay a night and relaxe of the long travels. The All inclusive service made us kick back and enjoy one time without cooking, washing, or take care of the daily jobs, just nothing to do. But after this relaxing day we are again fully loadet with energy and will go for a few dives with the five star Pady Diveshop from the resort. Details will following soon.


Buenos Dias El Salvador

Thursday, 9. December 2010

Crossed the guatemalan boarder allready and arrive yesterday eavening in el salvador! In La Libertad we found the perfect point brake and went with our surfboards in the water for a while. Can t wait to go again in the eavening. Long time there where no news, because of computer problems i was not able […]

Over Belize to Guatemala

Wednesday, 1. December 2010

After four Days in Belize we continued our trip to guatemala. The border to Belize was easy to handle. Only all Vegetables we had to give away. poor onions. Belize was a total unexpected country, because of the language and the People we where double suprised. Everything is english, we knew that the English where […]

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