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Octopussing with Herradura divers

Tuesday, 25. January 2011

While searching like crazy a octopus in Canada and not found even a little one, we get rewardet while diving with Herradura divers. Never bevore we saw like that many octopus like on this dives. To see those animals changing their colour is a very special thing and always fascinating. It was a nice dive and we are greatful to had the chance to check this special area out for one day. There is for sure more to explore but we have to carrie on.


Saturday, 22. January 2011

Burning Mann 2010

Mount Shasta

Relaxing in Tabacon Resort/Spa and enjoy the hot springs at the Volcano Arenal

Monday, 17. January 2011


The windi Road over a 1300meter high pass we drove to the foot of the active Volcano Arenal. Found the perfect spot for sleep to see the volcano next morning, but the weather wouldn`t allow us a good view. At least the way up was not for nothing. Tabacon Grand Spa thermal Resort invided us for a Day of relaxing and enjoy the hot springs of this nice area. The natural Water flows through the resort and gives several possibilities to jump in different pools. We been to many hot springs in the world, but nothing comparable to this one. The nice Gardens with different plants and exotic flowers rounds the relaxing time perfectly up. Not out of nothing the Resort wins many awards and they can call them self proudly “UNLIKE ANY OTHER IN THE WORLD”

Rich Cost Diving Playa del Coco

Wednesday, 12. January 2011

As we arrived at playa Grande on the Penninsula Nicoya and catch up in the water with surfing we deside to go the next day to Playas del Coco where Rich Coast Divers took us out for two dives. From the Boat we saw allready there must be something going on under water and as soon we where ready we jumped in. The visibility was not too good, because of all the plankton and algee, but for that we get revardet to see some manta Rays. The huge animal was just swimming over us. So we had a good view over the whole animal………………..



3 years on the road

Sunday, 9. January 2011

Today bevore 3 years we leave our home country, say good bye to friends and family and head off for our adventure.
out of two years become 3 years and were not done yet. thanx for all the people who belive in us and helped to make our dream come true. We drink a glas of wine for all of you.
were not done yet and we will keep on telling how the world really looks.

Happy New Year 2011

Sunday, 2. January 2011

Fireworks WIBEFÖZ

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