Welcome to South America

After a hard time of work in Colon to put the Car and the Trailer in a 20″ container and finish all the paperwork we fly to Cartagena in Columbia.
Arrived in this beautiful old spanish style City we done a part of the paperwork allready so it looks good to take the car out of customs on mondays.
At 5:30 we get up and fully motivated to the port, where we where waiting untill 7:15 for a custom officer wich not came, so we started by our self to get the car out.
A Big paperwork keept us busy for the whole day. They almost let us not in to the port because you have to wear a overall and not can enter the port with shorts. Lucky we could manage to go in and get our overalls out of the container, start to work and put the trailer more or less together.
Finally we got the Car out of the port bevore sunset and drive the first few kilometers to the hostel where we just wanna pull down the wet clothes and cool down under the could shower.
Here we go South America we are comming…
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  1. Sureka

    Hey Jungs
    Eingentlich sind ihr jetzt jo imänä Land wo spanisch gredät wird. I het dä nögst News Itrag den gern i dä Landässproch.
    Und gruässät mir mis Heimatland 😉
    Gruäss Sureka

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