Fleischchäs und Butterzopf

Long time without news from us. too busy to write about our travels. Well arrived in columbia as you saw and on the road again with our Landrover. First of all we changed our Trailer a little bit, So we can mount our Boogie Boat on top of it and let it inflated for more easy handling. As well there are only natural Gas stations in the country but we need Propan Gas so we had to buy a bottle modificate it and put on the trailer as well. The best is check one of the new albums in the gallery. It explains more than words.
After this we made our way to Baranquilla where we was lucky to catch up with the start of the Carnevall. The 4 Hours Parade was good fun to see and the croud get`s more crazy with more aguadiente (local anis liquor). The Peninsula Guiajira atracts us to see the nontouristy places of this beautiful country so we drove with a other traveler from australia and his truck a 600Km roundtrip to the nowhere. Sandy dusty tracks and a lot of crossings where we only navigated with compas. Sometimes we meet a local to ask directions. There was no spanish anymore and the indinegous people could help us only a bit. At least we arrived at the northest point in south america. To get back to civilisation we managed to cross the green boarder to Venezuela. Only some locals told us that we are in a new country.
Lucky chavez didn`t catched us so we went directly back to the columbian side.
All the supply on the penninsula from Beer to Gasoline was from Venezuela, so that gaves us a reason to fill up our tanks and get some spare 400liter fuel for approximetly 150 dollar. Nice deal!
In the capital City we found back to civilisation.
Here we meet the Koller family from appenzell from Koyomad and he spoiled us with tasty swiss meet products, like Fleischchäs, Brotwurscht, Cervelat, Landjäger etc. The swiss bucher who is since 1961 here in columbia invited us to see his factory where the delicious and high quality products are made since 1969.
After two days of cleaning and welding the Landrover we are ready on the road again and heading direction south…
dsc09413 In Front of the Factory where 170 workers produce delicious swiss specialyties

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  1. Sandi

    Hey crazy guys… Miss you and your landy… haha…
    Wish you well and always keep the spirit!!!


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