Bad Welcome in Peru

New Pictures online of our travels with our friend Benno from Columbia to Ecuador our adventuring mine sightseeing and the fun we have on the road with our Swissfriends and our friend from Australia who drives with his Ford Bronco from Alaska to Fireland.
Few days ago we crossed the Boarder from Ecuador to Peru. It was not so easy to find all the offices to do the paperwork for the Car, but once you know where to go it was too easy and super fast crossing, nice the goverment not waste our time.
After asking the Police on the boarder if it is safe in peru our feeling was very good. Way to good. In Sullana we woke badly up and get smashed back to reality when our Friends get Robed in the daylight on a place full of people.
After a long drive we parked our two cars on the street about 30 meters from the place we ate some lunch. Half a hour later when we wanna continue south John saw his smashed window and screamed we get mugged. There must be someone uses the trafic noise park their car next to him, smash two of his windows and get all the stuff out of the truck, and that on the mainstreet in the daytime. When the police arrived to make a report all the people who may see something where disappearing quickly. Nobody helps the police everyone is too afraid of some crazy Gangs and the bad Crime scene here in Sullana.
There Are some bad places in Peru, and we just catched the wrong spot and the wrong time eaven it was not looking like that we need to inform us more about the situations in different quaters of big Cities.
Shoked we left in the same day after making a report for the insurance. Now there will be only safe parking with security.
Always learning, so long never happens anything.
Soon will follow some pictures from Peru if i am not afraid to grab the camera.

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