Argentinia Buenos Aires

We arrived with a noisy Gearbox in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. The long drive from santiago de Chile endet up here with a lot of noise from our gearbox, we couldn`t even speak anymore with each other. The noise gets more and more, because we didn`t know where to go we posted a “help us” in a landrover forum from argentina. in short time we had many people reading it and answer some suggestions. Some offered us to come to their place and work on the car for the next week. So we do and dissambled the gearbox in the same day. One whole day of driving over 600 Kilometer and after work on the car untill 4 o clock in the morning. We found out the source of the noise. a bering was getting broken so it produces a lot of noise while turning. We have to replace these, so we will stay about one week at least in Buenos Aires to wait for the Parts. Thanks to the friendly people in Argentina so we will be in good hands again…

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