Back on the Road again…

The Gearbox gave us a hard time in our last part of the Trip, it became so noisy that speaking was impossible. So we had to search a place to operate our old Landrover. Dissamble the Gearbox and order some parts in last minute. We waitet for about two weeks in Buenos Aires and forget our problems while partying in a hostel with other tourists. Days became night and night became days but as soon we had the box we went up to our car and rebuild the gearbox for the last time. In three days we get everything together made a service, replace crossjoints and some rubber things and the landrover is now ready as never before. The Gearbox makes no noise at all and our trip can be finished as we wished to. Thankfully we found a lot of new friends in San Antonio de Areco who supportet us with room, tools and helping information.
Our Trip get little bit shortcuttet, because of the shipping schedule and we can not see such many things we wish to. Soon a container will bring us back to europe and our trip will end, but untill then we will deliver you some impressive pictures from some special corners in this beautiful world. Thanks very much to all the friendly argenine people to support our dreams and special thanks to Jose Luis to have a lot of patience with us finishing the work.
stay tuned for more information

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